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If you're looking to invest in highly-brandable, premium .io domain names OR looking to develop future website or app projects, is the domain for you! - Think of e-signature related applications, companies looking to go paperless with technology signing platforms like Echosign and Docusign. relates perfectly to the (legally acceptable) electronic signing industry which has seen competitors fiercely compete with many new companies forming like Nitro Cloud, HelloSign and many others.

The domain could also tap into the branding and signage industry which receives ~10,000 exact searches around $5 USD.


Did you know that the io extension has been around since 1997, That Yahoo was the first company to own a domain with the io extension and now, and all being used today!

The io extension is more than just the top level domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory, it has a significant meaning in the tech world from it's 'input', 'output' synergy to binary meaning of 10.

We're now also seeing it grow outside the technology world with people like Hillary Clinton acquiring and using it with, the link shortening service. It's also extremely popular with companies who sell or maintain API based services.

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