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3 Things Website Investors Should Know About Buying Apps

Buying and selling mobile app businesses is a relatively new concept compar

What are your options when you can’t buy your ideal domain name?

Just because someone else owns a domain you really, really want doesn&r

How To Build & Sell A Profitable Website On Flippa With No Experience…

Today we’re handing the blog over to  Jerry Banfield . J

7 Best Flippa Alternatives & Top Competitors

lippa  has been the most popular platform to  buy &am

What are some Flippa alternatives?

There are a number of website and online business brokers that can be used

Why would I use an alternative to Flippa?

Each broker has its own strengths and weaknesses. While Flippa may be the l

What are the fees associated with using an alternative to Flippa?

Fees will vary depending on the broker you choose to use. Some brokers may

The 3 Proven Flippa Alternative Websites For Buying

Flippa  is an online marketplace for buying and selling domain nam

How to Sell your website for top dollar on Flippa

As the Websites Product Manager for Flippa, my job is to work on constantly

Ways To Find Niche Products To Sell

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business model continues to grow in popular

5 Other Sites Like Flippa: A List Of Proven Alternatives

Flippa is a site that offers plenty of opportunities for buying an underval

How can I sell my business on Flippa?

This depends on what exactly you’re selling, the current fee list

Is Flippa a legit site?

Flippa is 100% a legit site. While it does have its issues, as discussed ea

How much does it cost to sell on Flippa?

This depends on what exactly you’re selling, the current fee list

What is the Flippa platform about?

Flippa is a place to buy and sell websites online. It is the most open mark

How It Works

Sign up for an account. Get familiar with the layout and upgrade to premium

MicroAcquire Marketplace review

I was intrigued when I first heard about MicroAcquire Marketplace. They are

The Website Flip Newsletter review

This is an email newsletter where subscribers are given access to new deals

Investors Club review

Investors mClub is a very unique  website brokerage . Built by web

Motion Invest review

Motion Invest  is a great spot for finding sub $30,000 sites that

Empire Flippers review

Empire Flippers  is a website broker with a sterling reputation. I

Flippa Scams

 Because of how open the platform is, listing websites is easy thu

Flippa You’re Responsible for Vetting

No Flippa moderators are confirming the information provided by sellers unl

Over Eager Bidders Flippa

Flippa is an auction system and it’s not unheard of for a bidding

Little Support for Transfer Flippa

Once a site is bought it’s up to the buyer and seller to set up t

What Are the Common Issues with Flippa?

While there are plenty of opportunities for buying and selling sites on Fli

Flippa legit or scam?

Flippa is a site that offers plenty of opportunities for buying an underval

Flippa alternative

Flippa is a site that offers plenty of opportunities for buying an underval

How Much Is My Website Worth?

Understanding the website valuation process is critical when buying or sell

How Much Is My Website Worth? 2 Valuation Methods

There are two methods to valuing a niche content site: (1)  profit

How To Calculate A Website’s Profit and Loss (P&L)

To calculate a website’s profit, you need to consider all revenue

Estimating The Monthly Multiple When Determining Website Value

Each website buyer and broker will have a different stance on what is a fai

13 Best Website Brokers, Marketplaces, Groups To Find Dealflow

Since 2008, I’ve been using website brokers, marketplaces, and Fa

Empire Flippers: Largest Vetted Broker

Empire Flippers  is by far the largest vetted private marketplace.

Flippa: Largest Non-Vetted Marketplace

The largest marketplace of websites available for sale is Flippa. The listi

Investors Club: Membership-based Deals Marketplace

This is a new marketplace that started up in 2020 with vetted deal flow. Th

Motion Invest: Dutch-Auction Marketplace

If you are looking for quality content sites sub-$30,000, Motion Invest win

The Website Flip Brokerage: Highly-Vetted Deals

The Website Flip runs a boutique  content-site brokerage . The bro

FE International review

FE International is also a well-known and respected broker in the online bu

Latona’s – Boutique M&A Brokerage

Latona’s is a boutique mergers and acquisitions broker helping&am

Quiet Light Brokerage

Quiet Light  was founded in 2006. Since then they’ve tra

Facebook Groups to Find Websites for Sale

The best deals are to be had via private transactions one-to-one with the o

What does a website broker provide to a buyer?

Proper website brokers provide a first-level collection of metrics, website

Do I need a broker to find deal flow?

No. You can find off-market deal flow through Facebook groups, Flippa aucti

Who is the best website broker in the industry?

No broker is the best. Each of them have their pros and cons as covered in

What do website brokers charge? – Live Analysis of Content Sites For Sale

From this article, you can tell there are a large number of brokers for con

What Is Website Flipping?

Website flipping is the practice of acquiring an existing website, growing

How Much Money Can You Make Flipping Websites?

Website flipping can be profitable  if you know the process and te

Should You Build or Buy Websites To Flip?

The decision to build or  buy a website  comes down to a

Characteristics of a Profitable Website Acquisition

There are multiple characteristics that make a website acquisition successf

Website Marketplaces

Website marketplaces such as  Flippa  are places where se

Private Sales Flippa

Private sales represent one of the best options for acquiring a profitable

Facebook Groups Sell Website

For a budget range between $500 – $30,000, Facebook groups contai

10 Best Flippa Alternatives To Buy And Sell Websites

Best Flippa Alternatives:  If you have ever  bought a web

What Is Flippa?

While you can purchase websites privately by reaching out to the owner, the

How Flippa Works

Flippa is the largest website buying and selling platform across the globe

How Flippa Makes Its Money

Flippa  makes its money by charging user fees to the sellers and t

What Can You Buy Through Flippa?

Flippa can be used to buy from a wide range of websites, eCommerce stores a

How To Find An Online Business On Flippa

There are two main methods to find an online business on Flippa. One is to

Filtering the Websites

When a series of listings is then presented to you, you can filter the resu

How To Buy A Website On Flippa

There are two different ways of  buying a website on Flippa . You

Niche Investor (formerly

Niche Investor offers a wide range of different businesses for sale, includ

Niche Website Builders

Niche Website Builders is not primarily a marketplace to buy websites&n

Motion Invest

Another alternative to Flippa is Motion Invest. Much like Flippa and Niche


Flippa offers two services, they sell established websites, and they sell d

Buy Sell Website

On the other end of the scale, if you are looking to purchase a domain or a


A lot of the time, the best domains that you can buy are aged or expired do

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is the next biggest market for buying and selling websites

Buy Sell Empire

Finally, we would recommend checking out what is on offer at Buy Sell Empir

Tips For Buying A Website

Before Making An Offer Review The Site’s Financial Data Flippa&am

Is it Profitable To Buy Websites?

Buying and selling websites can be really profitable, provided that you kno

Is Flippa a legit marketplace?

Yes, Flippa is a legit site. They sell real websites. However, the websites

Is it Safe To Buy Websites From Flippa?

We are pleased to confirm that it’s perfectly safe to buy website

Is Flippa good for selling domains?

Yes, Flippa is very good for selling domains. It is comparable to Sedo for

Is Flippa free for sellers?

No, Flippa is not free for sellers. Sellers must pay a listing fee which ra

How do I sell on Flippa?

Simply up for a  free Flippa account here . You will be asked to c


Buying a website is easier than you might think, but  making a pro

Best Flippa Alternatives To Buy And Sell Websites – Conclusion

In short, there are lots of excellent  alternatives to Flippa . Ho

Alternatives To Flippa To Sell And Purchase Websites

Probably you have already heard of Flippa if you are familiar with online b

3 Proven Flippa Alternative Websites For Buying and Selling

Flippa  is an online marketplace for buying and selling domain nam

Money Nomad

Money Nomad is more than a Flippa alternative. In addition to an active web

Why sell an online business?

In this in-depth guide, you’ll discover how to sell your online b

Why sell your business on Flippa?

Flippa is not only the original platform to  buy and sell online b

Flippa is a peer-to-peer platform

Flippa is a peer-to-peer platform – unlike other marketplace plat

Flippa lets you negotiate with potential buyers

Another defining factor that makes Flippa stand out. Yes, you can negotiate

Flippa provides safe transactions

Do you want safe and seamless transactions? Flippa’s got you cove

Flippa is an affordable marketplace

Flippa is an affordable service. The listing fees are low, and the success

Flippa’s Broker Matching

When you join and list your business for sale on Flippa, we offer two optio

What is my business worth on Flippa?

Many sellers, especially first-time sellers, may not know where to begin de

When is the best time to sell my online business?

The best time to sell your online business is now. It doesn’t mat

How To Start Selling Website on Flippa

If you have been working online for long and into  Website flippin

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Sell A Website On Flippa

Do you want to sell your website, but don’t know exactly how to o

What is Flippa

Flippa is a marketplace and rating service for online businesses or digital

Bitify alternative

Bitcoin and Litecoin Marketplace and Auction Site   The online mar

Selling on Flippa (important preliminary information)

If you want to sell your website through Flippa, use the free evaluation to

What are the listing fees on Flippa

Of course, if you want to sell your website through Flippa, you have to pay

How to sell your website on Flippa

First step: Create an Account When you visit  Flippa’s w

List your website on Flippa

If you have successfully created your account, you will find a big red butt

How to make money on Flippa

There are many ways to make money online, one of them is buying and selling

Sell expired domains

Selling domains on Flippa is somehow hard because buyers mostly look for a

Sell your blog

If you run a blog that you barely have time for anymore but have a good num

Flipping on Flippa

This is the most talked about way of making money on Flippa. This involves

Build and sell websites or apps

This involves building a website or app from scratch then selling it on Fli

Buy a quality online business

This one is for people who are looking to start their own online business b

Bitify alternative

Alternatives to bitify? Bitcoin marketplace? FlipDeal is best alternative f

Alternatives to bitify? Bitcoin marketplace?

I love bitify, what are some other great marketplace that offer to buy and

Where can you sell items for bitcoin? OpenBazaar  ( ⚡ ) Bitify CoinMall

Buy and sell websites, domains and apps

Websites Domains Apps